Are skills becoming a priority in our education system?

This says a lot about the quality of our education system, which is 80% theory with little exposure to real situations and practical experience. In our system, the emphasis is even more on the awarding of degrees or diplomas and less on the development of skills. When The Hans India spoke to people on the matter, almost all pointed to the need to impart industry-appropriate skills to students through measures such as internships, intense hands-on training, and more.

From now on, degrees and certificates will no longer matter for career development. In the years to come, even for entry-level jobs, only skills matter. Already, companies like SpaceX, Tesla, Microsoft, etc. recruit people based on their skills.

This trend will become widespread in the years to come. Under the new education policy, central and state governments are focusing on developing student skills. Nobody can stop you from growing, if you are “Skillful” in your field.

Students must recognize that education without adequate technical skills will not find employment. A certificate will not help young people find a job. They need to know that only skills help them find a job. Even the college managements and the government should also focus on this issue and take steps to improve the skills of young people. Without skills, only diplomas would be a piece of paper.

Skills development should be part of education and the curriculum. This can be computer skills or technical knowledge. These skills help students face increasing competition and find jobs.

– Dr. M Sashi Bhushana Rao, Principal, SITAM College, Vizianagaram

Skills take precedence over grades. A degree can only get a job, it’s just a pass for a job interview, while skills will help to pass the interview, stay in a job and advance careers. aspirants in their career. However, to withstand competition and market demand, skills need to be updated quite often.

In order to become better managers and leaders, as well as technical skills, one must acquire expertise in soft skills to move up the ladder. Communication skills are the key to excel in any profession.

– Navya Varma, Visakhapatnam HR Business Partner

It is necessary to improve the skills of students to obtain better opportunities or internships. The government should start skills development from the eighth grade to improve students’ skills. Students qualified for B tech, M tech and other technical courses and management courses like MBA, BBA do not get better jobs due to lack of skills. Internship should be made compulsory for students studying ITI, Engineering Degree, M Technology and Skills Development should be incorporated into the 8th class curriculum. As a result, students will improve their skills. Likewise, students should take advantage of the facilities provided by AP Skill Development Corporation.

– Rayavarapu Veerababu, correspondent, Santhivardhana Special School for Disabled, Peddapuram, Kakinada dist

Skills play a crucial role in everyone’s life. Lack of these skills greatly affects working life. It is therefore necessary to train in the required skills. This helps students find jobs and also develops their desire to learn.

– Chilukuri Suresh, Former Administrative Director of Educational Institute, Rajamahendravaram

Practical knowledge must be given to students as soon as they start school. Advanced labs should be designed and excellent staff should teach the subjects in order to get good exposure to the subject. It helps students create wonders in their respective study branches.

– Bathula Kiran Babu, Assistant Professor, Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajamhendravaram

Over the past few years, 70% of parents have changed their mindset towards employment and employment-oriented courses and they are also showing interest in such after-school courses –

X and admit their children into competency-based courses like ITI, Polytechnic, certificate courses, etc. as well as professional courses at the intermediate level. The reason for this is that most of the people belong to the middle class in our state and across the country as well, students from these families study various courses with the aim of getting a good job in the public or private sector. Governments should also introduce more such courses and create institutions to provide such courses which will help create jobs for young people.

– Boddepalli Vijayamma, Principal of Mandal Parishad Primary School, Muddadapeta village, Etcherla mandal, Srikakulam district

The country has a great power of youth compared to any other nation. By fully utilizing the power of youth, the country can progress on all fronts. For this, the skills in their chosen fields must be enhanced to obtain maximum productivity which can also increase their self-confidence and move forward with courage to seize all opportunities. Governments should focus on providing skills development training to school/college level youth itself and modify the curriculum accordingly to achieve the desired results.

– T Narasimhulu, State Chairman, Government College Gazetted Teachers’ Association, Puttur

Mastery of one skill or another becomes necessary to stand out from others in today’s hectic competition in job markets. Mere diplomas do not help young people to obtain good placements. Every opportunity should be given to them to acquire skills while pursuing their studies on the campuses themselves.

It will save them valuable time and resources and when they leave campus they are well equipped with degrees on the one hand and knowledge in a particular skill on the other.

– Mr. Mahesh Raju, MBA graduate, Tirupati

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