Arc will only release 10 examples of the Vector Angel Edition

Before a company releases its products, it undergoes a comprehensive series of tests. This ensures that the construction, performance, functionality and features all meet the standards set by the manufacturer. Arc, on the other hand, is exploring a different kind of approach in which the first 10 units of its Vector Angel Edition will engage owners in the testing program.

The British electric motorcycle brand announced earlier this year that deliveries of the green superbike will take place soon. After a period of radio silence since its initial announcement in 2018, the hype has finally died down. However, it is now at an all-time high, given that units will start shipping to buyers in September.

Arc didn’t specify the mechanics, but first 10 users will receive the Vector Angel Edition. According to press details, it is inspired by vintage cafe racers. The zero-emission superbike boasts a carbon composite construction, which tips the scales at just 485 pounds.

Tests show it can reach a top speed of 120mph, with a 0-60mph sprint in 3.1 seconds. A full charge provides a range of up to 200 miles. Those with Vector Angle Edition also automatically receive a special token to denote their “Arc Angel” status. Holders can also attend events organized by the company.

Vector Angel Edition units will be fully customizable to the owner’s personal taste. Along with the two-wheeler, Arc is also adding the Origin Jacket and Zenith Helmet. The former features state-of-the-art haptic feedback technology to keep riders aware of their surroundings and the condition of the bike. Meanwhile, the helmet incorporates a heads-up display for telemetry and more.

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