Antonio James launches Mechat Universe, a black-owned financial education game for kids and adults

Atlanta, GA, June 18, 2022 — ( — Hollywood director Antonio James announces MeChat Universe, the Atlanta-based financial education game that teaches new entrepreneurs how to “be your own boss,” announces the possibility for entrepreneurs to 30x their investment in one year by playing in MeChat Universe.

Also from the MeChat Universe quarterly call, 901Director, as Antonio James called himself, said major system upgrades will now be released once a year on July 3 to coincide with the start of the trading season. of the game and to ensure the consistency of investments.

To play throughout the game season, entrepreneurs must increase the value of their character, therefore their investment, because they:

– Increase virtual property values
– Become business partners of other startups and virtual worlds
– Contribute to the tasks of other players
– Start a business using financial literacy tools, virtual space and new technology

Top performers automatically advance to the next level in the financial literacy class at the end of business season, giving entrepreneurs additional access to exclusive events, tools, and gameplay to further guide players in their financial journey.

To summarize, financial literacy characters in MeChat Universe can:

– Connect to the MeChat universe
– Increase in value. Negotiable
– Create a business to retire young
– Achieve financial goals and levels
– Invest in startups
– Attend capital calls and workshops
– Earn passive income
– Play to win financial literacy lessons

If you want to invest in a virtual persona to become your own boss and 30x your savings in a year, you can do it at www.MeChat.Us.

If you want to learn more about how to invest, play and earn in MeChat Universe using financial literacy, email [email protected]

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