9-year-old boy in Omaha creates financial literacy app

He is an exceptional coder. He has just delivered his own application. Moreover, he is only 9 years old. Atharv Manayamkath, a fourth-grade student at Loveland Elementary School in Omaha, has spent the past 18 months learning how to code and build a financial education app called FinWIZZ. Atharv’s father, Sandeep Anand, said he saw his child really get into computer games near the start of the pandemic and needed to discover something more intuitive and appealing to him. . So he selected him in coding classes through the Internet program at BYJU Future School.

Atharv said he enjoyed learning to code.

“It improves logical thinking, which is what I found interesting,” he said. “And more than coding, they learn about technology and the application of technology, logical thinking and creativity.”

“What I love about coding is that you can use your creativity,” he said. “And sometimes you can also create apps to help people. “

Atharv created the app with the help of his advisors through BYJU Future School and entered it into the Silicon Valley Challenge 2020. After becoming a finalist in the challenge, his advisors helped him get the app listed in the ‘App Store and available for download.

Atharv’s FinWIZZ app, available on the Google Play Store, is designed to teach young people about finance and covers budgeting, saving, spending, debt, and investing. Atharv said he also included quizzes and games to make it fun.

He continues to take coding classes at BYJU Future School to further develop his skills.

“I’m learning a lot about coding, like about functions, loops and data,” he said.

Anand himself is an investor. He said he believes his son’s app fills a need for financial education for young people. “I have found it incredible that there are no applications and industries that connect all the points end to end,” he said. “So we thought about creating a basic application that will teach the basics of finance to young people. “

Anand said he and his wife were thrilled to see how much their son had learned and looked forward to him continuing to develop his skills. “I think it was an amazing trip,” he said.

Besides coding, Atharv said he was interested in music, dancing, building Legos, reading, singing and drawing. As for what he wants to do when he grows up, he’s always exploring his options. “I haven’t decided that yet,” he said.

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  • 9-year-old boy in Omaha creates financial literacy app
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