5 Instances Where Batman Has The Best Toys (And 5 Instances Where It’s Iron Man)

Both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are orphans from wealthy families who used their inherited money to fight crime as superheroes, Batman and Iron Man, respectively. The two heroes rely on advanced technology and have learned to handle it like masters.

RELATED: Batman: The 10 Weirdest Batmobiles In The Dark Knight HistoryTony Stark created the Iron Man Suit and powered it with futuristic technology like the Arc Reactor, Repulsors, and Artificial Intelligence. Batman has the Batmobile and awesome Batcave, plus a host of bat-themed toys. So which billionaire boy has the best toys? Between these two heroes, fans have plenty of options to argue with.

ten The Batmobile is the ultimate assault vehicle

The Batmobile is Batman’s signature vehicle, loaded with weapons and constantly updated to not only fight crime, but also take down heroes who go wrong. Batman knows the value of his vehicles and their ability to even out a fight when sheer physical strength and martial skill aren’t enough to defeat a super-powered individual.

Although this vehicle incorporates advanced weaponry and some models can even execute turns that seem to defy the laws of physics, Batman’s mastery of the vehicle makes it a dominant technological force. Like the James Bond vehicles before it, the Batmobile has advanced features such as remote piloting and ejection seats, but the fact that it’s still usable even when loaded with so many different functions proves it’s worth it. This is one of the best crime-fighting tools in comics.

9 Iron Man’s repulsors provide thrust and raw power

Tony Stark’s repulsors are a key feature of the Iron Man suit and provide offensive and defensive weaponry in addition to propelling his flight. Iron Man’s suit is powered by an arc reactor that powers the suit’s systems. The raw power of the Reactor is also harnessed by the Repulsors to create a controlled force directed through the palms, feet, and chest of Iron Man’s armor.

Again, adaptability makes it more than just a laser. Repulsors can blind a villain with a flash of light, create a concussion blast, launch Iron Man through the air at breathtaking speeds, and create an energy shield. Repulsors can also deliver an electrical charge strong enough to disrupt citywide power grids or, applied with critical precision, can jump-start a person’s heart. Iron Man is constantly inventing new ways to use his repulsors.

8 The Batcomputer puts other computers to shame

The Batcomputer first appeared in the comics in Batman #189, February 1967. Since then, the Batcomputer has become a powerful tool that Batman invests in and continually uses in his fight against crime. The sophisticated computer can process DNA, access intelligence sources from around the world, run fingerprints and use facial recognition to track anyone on the planet.

RELATED: MCU: 10 Coolest Stark-Tech Items (Other Than Iron Man’s Suit)The Batcomputer is also one of the most versatile weapons in Batman’s arsenal. He knows that the knowledge it contains is dangerous enough to destroy the world. Not only is it one of the hardest computers to hack, even in fiction, the Batcomputer can only be accessed from inside the Batcave.

seven Jarvis Performs Iron Man Armor and More

In the comics, artificial intelligence has been around since Ultron’s first incarnation, and in the MCU, Iron Man used it to bring the personality of his former butler, Edward Jarvis, to life. Jarvis once picked up after young Stark at home and later at the mansion where the Avengers resided. Bringing Jarvis’ unique sensibilities to life in his suit helps Iron Man stay on track.

Iron Man is often distracted. Even when focused, his gaze can become so narrow that he can miss the complexity of a problem and the many ways to solve it. Jarvis knows all about Stark and has the experience to apply that knowledge when Iron Man needs it most. Although he clearly prioritizes convenience over security, the ability to instantly call up any form of information and present it in a way the eccentric inventor can understand gives Stark a significant advantage in every situation. .

6 The Batcave is Batman’s tactical fortress

Batman understands the value of a home base as a strategic advantage, and the Batcave gives Batman a significant edge in fighting crime. The Batcave houses the Batcomputer, an expanding wardrobe of specialized batsuits, the Batmobile, and other vehicles. It also contains a catalog of weapons taken from Batman’s enemies that are too dangerous to leave with the authorities and might come in handy later.

RELATED: Batman: 10 Ways The Batcave Changed | RBCDespite secrecy and discretion, the Batcave is not impenetrable. However, this is not a weakness. In fact, his design and Batman’s knowledge of him means that even when the Batcave faces invaders, he retains the advantage. This contrasts with Stark’s very public and attackable residences and headquarters.

5 Uni-beam, Pentabeam and Omnibeam offer unlimited power

Iron Man uses his Arc Reactor to power his repulsors, move away from objects, and defeat Earth’s gravity. By converting the energy of that same arc reactor into a blast of force, Tony Stark can project dangerous beams of power. The first of these is the unibeam, which draws power directly from the arc reactor in Iron Man’s suit.

Later, Stark was able to create several beams based on the unibeam. For example, the Pentabeam uses the same power behind the multibeam and the tribeam and combines it with a microwave lens projector. This suit unleashes protons, neutrons, electrons, and acoustic energy in a destructive array based on the original unibeam design, going beyond traditional comic book weapons.

4 The Batcave Mobile takes the fight against crime on the road

When Batman was called on a case in London, he arrived without most of the tools that make him so effective. Writer Tom Taylor took the opportunity to feature the Bat-mobile station in Batman: Detective of Darkness. The station contains weapons, suits, supplies, and a smaller version of the Batcave that can also connect to the main Batcave via satellite.

The station itself looks like a cross between an 18-wheeler and a train, but since it’s armored, it also looks like a military combat assault vehicle. Miniaturizing and porting this technology is no mean feat. In the Marvel Universe, only Hank Pym could easily compete.

3 Stark’s Remote Control Suits Can Run On Autopilot

Tony Stark is so busy that sometimes he needs a surrogate to replace him. With the Iron Man armor, he figured out how to make the suits fly without the need for pilots, a technology he demonstrated in iron man 3 and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Having more than one suit at Stark’s disposal can create some distraction for Iron Man’s opponents. He can send one suit to attack and another to survey the battlefield, all from the safety of a third location. However, if he uses multiple suits to soften or weaken an opponent, he can also pilot a specialized suit himself to complete the job in the end.

2 Batman uses anti-technology to defeat his enemies

Batman loves creating technology that renders someone else’s technology inert. This way he can negate the advantages of the stronger opponent, making it one of Batman’s favorite games.

Batman typically carries a range of standard options in his utility belt that can handle most situations. But when he has time to prepare, Batman likes to fight like a chess master. He prefers plans designed to surpass his opponent’s strengths. He’s managed to nullify everyone from the Joker to Lex Luthor, carrying tools ranging from poison to hard-light constructs, and as he’s been known to even use Darkseid’s own weapons against him.

1 Stark’s ingenuity makes him dangerous in any situation

Tony Stark invented his first suit in a cave. Whichever version of his origin story readers choose, the feat itself is incredible. Stark’s ingenious way of perceiving raw materials, mixed with his creativity to shape them exactly to his needs, is just one example of the power of his inventive mind.

Tony relied on his ability to think quickly and use his surroundings to get out of many sticky situations. In any contest, Stark’s knowledge and arrogance are often the deciding factors. It’s what allows him to craft what he needs, when he needs it, whether he’s in a cave in Afghanistan or working alongside the Dwarves in Asgard.

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