5 amazing examples of modern technology

The way technology creeps into our lives seems a bit miraculous. You don’t know anything about a product or a service, and then suddenly you start hearing rumors about it. Maybe you’ve read an article about it online or someone mentions it on social media.

In no time at all, someone you know has one and you can try it for the first time. Suddenly you realize how fun or practical it is. You want to own one or have access to it if it is a new service.

Let’s look at five of the most examples of useful modern technologies that are spreading around the world in 2020.

Smart portable devices

If you looked back fifty years in time, think how amazed people would be if you showed them something like a smartwatch. It would look like something out of a comic book or a sci-fi novel.

Although smartwatches are very useful, you need to be careful with them. You must remember to only use them at appropriate times, and never while driving. They can distract you, and in a recent year, distracted driving killed 2,841 people.

As long as you only use them at the right time, however, there are a ton of useful features that now come standard with smartwatches. You can use one for:

  • Monitor your heart rate and blood pressure
  • Make a phone call
  • Send an SMS to a friend or relative

Many smartwatches can do a lot of things like a smartphone, but they fit your wrist perfectly. They are not essential to modern life, but most people agree that they can make your existence much easier.

Telehealth applications

During the Covid-19 epidemic, one of the main problems people have is seeing their doctor. If you have serious medical problems and need to see your GP regularly, you might be very nervous about doing this during a pandemic.

Enter the telehealth application. The popularity of these apps was growing even before the pandemic hit. Now more people are using them than ever before, even some of the baby boomer generation who resisted them.

Some of the best include:

  • Teladoc
  • Discussion space
  • Am fine
  • Doctor on demand

Unless you need a doctor to physically examine you, these apps can be solutions where you can stay safely at home, while discussing your condition with a healthcare professional.

A doctor can discuss the test results with you, review any side effects of medications you are experiencing, or go over the best treatment plan that might work for you in the future.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is something you may have heard a little bit about over the past few years, but now its time has truly come. There are so many practical things you can do with it.

For example, soon, voting technology could integrate blockchain. President Trump has expressed fears about mail-order electoral fraud in the upcoming election. Blockchain can be a way for people to vote so that they are virtually tamper-proof.

You can also use it to share medical data in a more secure way. You can use it to make cross-border payments to other countries if you buy something from an international business entity.

If you have a business that needs logistics monitoring or supply train tracking, blockchain is ideal for those as well.

Streaming services

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you probably remember how important it was to have cable TV. Maybe you lived in a home that couldn’t afford it. Maybe you had to visit a friend’s house after school or at night if there was a show you wanted to watch.

Those days seem almost picturesque now, as dozens of streaming services give you access to more channels and content than ever before. There’s Sling, Hulu, Philo, and others.

If you don’t care so much about streaming live TV and prefer to access a wide variety of shows and movies, you can go for Disney +, Apple TV +, Netflix, HBO NOW and many more. others.

Cable TV still exists, but it’s hanging by a thread. This is because most streaming services are much cheaper. You can get two or three streaming services for the same price you will likely pay for cable.

The era of the cable TV conglomerate is about to die out, and it looks like no one will miss the monopoly it once had.

Smart homes

Another great technology that is everywhere these days is the smart home setup. There are a lot of different, and they can do all kinds of things.

For example, you can get the Smart Things app. There you can access all the smart devices in your home like door locks, window sensors, door sensors, smoke detectors or water leak detectors.

You no longer need to carry the keys to the house. You can install smart locks on your doors, which open via a digital code. Just memorize the code and press it as you approach the door.

If you don’t feel like it, you can ask your Smart Things app to open the door for you with the push of a button on your phone.

You can monitor if you have closed all windows when you go to bed at night, to make sure that no one can easily break in. You can check the basement water sensor to make sure there is no flooding when it is raining.

There are several other options like Amazon Alexa, Wink Hub, Sentri, and Samsung Smart Home. They have different prices and features.

It’s crazy to think how much technology has advanced over the past two decades, but it still is. We might sometimes think that we are living in the Earth of tomorrow, but in another half a century, everything we have today will look rotten.

This is the way of technology. Still, there is no reason not to take advantage of the latest futuristic gadgets and marvel at them in 2020.

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