4 examples of the fusion of gaming and digital health

Technological advancements have led to improvement in key sectors of the economy in Poland and around the world. Digital health and games are among the areas strongly impacted positively by technology and innovations that keep appearing. The gaming world, for example, has seen a global shift in the way games are conducted. The invention of online casinos was made possible mainly due to the penetration of the Internet in many places around the world.

The healthcare sector, on the other hand, has seen tremendous improvement in the way healthcare is conducted. Thanks to internet connectivity, digital health has now become a reality. The fields of gaming and digital health borrow a lot from each other.

The technological tools used to improve health are somewhat similar to the technological tools used to develop games. According to our expert Jacek Michalski (View profile), here are some examples of the fusion of games and health:

Prescription Video Games

Video games are now used as modern medicine. At the top of the list is the United States Food and Drug Administration. The FDA proposed the very first legally marketed video game that can be prescribed in the US market. The video game developed by Akili Initiative was called EndeavorRX.

Gambling may be prescribed for minors between the ages of 8 and 12 who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly referred to as ADHD. Prior to its approval, the game underwent a vigorous 7-year trial on over 600 subjects. Gambling is a drug-free alternative for children, and current reports indicate that it has been successful in managing the disease.

Playing to improve health outcomes

After the success of EndeavorRX, many gaming solutions to improve digital health have continued to increase. A recent study found that using digital health video game tools improved 69% of psychological therapy outcomes. In-game tools also improved physical therapy by 59%. The same goes for clinical skills, which improved by 46%.

Cooperative games have also gone a long way in improving the health care of patients and medical professionals by relieving anxiety and stress. Games to improve health outcomes are not like automate, or any other game you will find in a Polish online casino.

Virtual reality in physiological therapy

Virtual reality is a modern technological advance that has affected both the gaming industry and the digital health industry. Virtual reality is a form of technology where subjects are immersed in a certain environment giving the impression that they are physically in said environment. The use of virtual reality for physiological therapy is one of the biggest successes in the digital health industry.

Scientist Freeman, together with other members of the team, conducted a test in The Lancet Psychiatry and published its results in August 2018. The team conducted the test by placing patients with mental disorders in virtual environments, which triggered stress. For the initial test, they used heights as a distressed environment. A coach was then used to perform physiological therapy while using virtual reality. The test was a great success. Many institutions, after learning of the success of the test, began to try similar strategies. Currently, virtual reality is used to detect and manage mental illnesses and disorders such as anxiety disorders and psychosis.

Virtual reality in surgery

Virtual reality has also been used to successfully simulate surgical environments. Surgeries are crucial and very sensitive, so a small mistake can lead to instant death or organ failure. Virtual reality now allows surgeons and theater teams to hone their skills in a safe and controllable space. Virtual reality has also been used to develop motion controllers.

Motion controllers have had a big impact on digital health. The motion sensors are carefully designed using haptic feedback tools that relay complete information, dramatically improving the surgical experience. Using motion sensors in surgery has been found to be cheaper than traditional training, which is expensive and prone to human error.

The technology continues to be used in large hospitals around the world and greatly influences the success of most surgeries. The technology has also received numerous accolades, including being named by The Times Magazine in the top 50 of the best inventions of 2018.

As you can see, a video play and health can be a match made in heaven. We will be on the lookout for the latest gaming technology and make sure you are always up to date.

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