30 of the most stunning examples of modernist architecture admired on this online group

Redditor u/joaoslr kindly shared his knowledge of modernist history and philosophy with Bored Panda. “At the beginning of the 20th century, many people lived in cities with very precarious conditions, in tiny and dirty houses which led to the spread of disease, and far from the richly decorated buildings belonging to the rich. Modernism changed this paradigm.” they said.

“By taking advantage of the latest technical and technological innovations, modernist architects have shown that it is possible to move away from ornamentation-oriented architecture and create more functional and efficient designs, intended to improve the life of each. This new orientation allowed for many different approaches, making Modernist architecture very diverse. This is probably my favorite feature of Modernism since it was made up of many smaller movements: International Style, Expressionism, Bauhaus, De Stijl, brutalism, etc. The variety is immense!”

For the founder of r/ModernistArchitecture, function and form go hand in hand. “One is meaningless without the other. Of course, how they relate is open to interpretation, which is why modernism is so diverse. Personally, I think the two are equal importance, a good design should focus on its core functions, which makes it useful, but should also be aesthetically pleasing as it impacts the people who interact/experience it.”

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