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In order to become really popular and mainstream, the company Non-fungible films focuses on several of the barriers that prevent them from reaching the general public. And they have a lot to show this audience, as they focus on creating decentralized, creator-focused stories and animations, while showing the world what creators can do when freed from common limitations. .

NFF wants to tell a story that will bring some of the most popular NFTs into the market and out of the niche circles it finds itself in. They want to show people that decentralization and creation rather than corporate-driven stories and animation is the best way. go. They want people to feel safe on Web3 and spend their time immersing themselves in the platform’s stories while preparing to tell many of them themselves.

Their mission is to bring NFTs to life and show the world that creators and consumers can truly connect and build something bigger than themselves. It’s a mission they want to generalize, and it could become quite popular as things progress.

NFTs are one of the most recent asset additions to blockchain technology. Like most other blockchain technologies, it can be difficult to understand what NFTs are and how they work. One way to understand how NFTs work is to look at popular examples. Luckily, there are tons of examples you can consider and research to better understand what NFTs are.

In this article, discover 11 examples of the most popular NFTs. These examples can help you better understand what NFTs are and what to look for if you decide to invest in them yourself.

Introducing NFT

Before we dive into the 11 examples of the most popular NFTs, it’s important that you know what NFTs are by definition. For example, you need to know the answer to What does NFT mean? NFT stands for non-fungible token. What exactly does that mean, though? It simply means that the token is not replaceable or cannot be used interchangeably with another item. Think of an authentic Van Gogh painting. There is no retort.

Whenever you invest in NFTs, be aware that you are not investing in the NFT itself. Instead, NFT uses blockchain technology to prove ownership and authenticity of a real asset. It is the asset in which you invest. Often, NFTs are token versions of digital art and online content. So when you buy an NFT, you are actually investing in the asset, and the NFT is backed by blockchain technology for added security.

11 Popular NFTs

Now that we know what an NFT is on paper, let’s take a look at 11 popular NFTs to see how NFTs work in real life:

  1. “Everyday: The First 5,000 Days” by Beeple

Beeple auctioned NFT digital artwork. It was actually the first NFT to be sold by a major auction house, Christie’s. This asset was sold for $69 million.

  1. A human

Human One is a hybrid of physical and digital artwork. Some describe it as a kinetic video sculpture. This coin with its token was sold for $28.9 million. Winklemann, the artist, is now considered one of the three most valuable living artists.

  1. Memories of William Shatner

William Shatner sold a collection of NFTs including personal memorabilia. A total of 125,000 units were sold in 9 minutes. Some memorabilia sold include portraits, pictures and even an x-ray of the actor’s teeth.

  1. Glenfidditch Whiskey

William Grant and Son sold 15 bottles of Glenfiddich whiskey for $18,000 each. Each bottle came with an NFT which had an artistic impression of the bottles.

  1. Grimes WarNymph

Popular singer-songwriter Grimes has sold a collection of 10 NFTs. This collection earned him $5.8 million in total. A video titled “Death of the Old” was the top-selling asset and cost $389,000.

  1. Nyan cat

A crypto art rendition of the Nyan Cat meme sold for $590,000. It was created by Chris Torres.

  1. Cryptopunk #7523

Cryptopunks are uniquely generated pixel art. These characters are created on the Ethereum blockchain. 10,000 cryptopunks were created in June 2017, including #7523. Cryptopunk #7523 was one of the most expensive. Some call it the COVID alien. It sold for $11.75 million.

  1. Jack Dorsey’s first tweet

Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter. His first tweet was posted in March 2006, but he has only just sold this tweet for $3 million. Dorsey said he would convert the money into Bitcoin and then donate it to the charity GiveDirectly.

  1. NBA Shots Sports Collectibles

Sports memorabilia has long been sought after among collections and assets. Top Shot is an NFT site that specializes in buying and selling NBA NFTs. Their highest earning asset is LeBron James dunking on the Houston Rockets. It sold for $387,000.

  1. RTFXT’s digital sneakers

RTFKT has created digital sneakers for online gaming avatars. These sneakers are $10,000 a pair. In March 2021, the company earned $3.1 million selling a series of sneakers featuring artist Fewocious.

  1. Taco Bell GIFs

Taco Bell sold a series of GIF dishes from their menu. They sold them as NFTs and the tokens sold out in just a few minutes. All proceeds were donated to the company’s charity, the Taco Bell Foundation.

These 11 NFTs are some of the most popular, but they’re far from the only NFTs available. There are hundreds and thousands of other NFTs you can invest in. Some will be more expensive than those listed here, but most will be cheaper as they are the best in the business.

Either way, all of these NFTs give a perfect example of how NFTs work. Tokens are backed by the blockchain and represent a token for a physical asset. These assets can take the form of physical objects, such as Glenfiddich Whiskey, but they can also be digital art.

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