11 examples of humans and AI working together in a small business

What is an example of humans and AI working together to make business operations successful?

To help small business owners see how they can integrate AI into their processes, we asked AI experts and business leaders this question for their best advice. From automating billing tasks to organizing optimal user experiences, there are several ideas that can help you better understand everyday AI applications to grow your business.

Here are 11 ways humans and AI collaborate in business:

  • Write faster and more clearly
  • Automate invoicing tasks
  • Improve basic health care
  • Fight against financial crime
  • Speed ​​up your social media efforts
  • Manage payment systems
  • Generate content ideas
  • Check for grammar errors
  • Organize optimal user experiences
  • Assist physicians in the entire medical field
  • Estimate project costs

Write faster and more clearly

A really cool example of how humans and AI work together to make business operations successful is predictive text software. Ours is powered by AI to help learn handwriting patterns. It can make your writing much clearer and be successful at converting leads and hiring staff. Artificial intelligence can really help businesses with repetitive tasks or even tasks that could take humans a lot longer. Writing is a task that we cannot avoid as professionals, but we can find new ways to make it easier for ourselves.

Guy Katabi, Light button

Automate invoicing tasks

You might not realize it, but humans and AI already work together in business in many day-to-day functions. For example, we helped a company automate invoice approval so that when invoices were approved, invoices were automatically created and sent to customers. At Comidor, we help companies seize opportunities to automate business processes, such as automatic invoicing and invoicing, to help their employees save time on repetitive tasks so they can use their talents effectively. and efficient where they are needed.

Spiros Skolarikis, Comidor

Improve basic health care

There are several examples of humans and AI working together. Companies, such as Amazon, are also teaming up with small start-ups, providing their resources to improve the way basic medical needs are met. Some of them include:

  1. Aiva, a Los Angeles-based startup, uses an Alexa-based platform to help patients interact with nurses and control internal entertainment.
  2. HeartGuide by Omron can calculate blood pressure and communicate those readings with an Alexa skill.
  3. Sugarpod is an application that allows patients with type 2 diabetes to integrate new routines to improve and streamline their daily activities.
  4. Many such advancements in human-AI integrations have not only revolutionized the healthcare industry, but also made life easier for many stakeholders.

Sri Sagar Kalisetty, Markers

Fight against financial crime

Financial services companies and banks successfully use a mix of AI and human labor to fight financial crime. As AI and machine learning algorithms power the software that signals potential fraud, humans validate those choices. AI saves money laundering professionals time and captures complex transactional patterns that people would likely ignore. Compliance experts can then manually examine the larger context of each payment to rule out false positives.

Michel Sena, Senacea

Speed ​​up your social media efforts

Anyone who enjoys innovation fully embraces the endless technological potential that AI can bring to gaming. After all, why spend five hours completing a task that could take an hour and still be so precise and successful – or maybe even more? ? Social media is a promising avenue where humans and AI work well together.

With AI software that can find relevant content and even publish it for you, there are plenty of ways to use this type of automation to your advantage. More generally, many companies have gotten into AI by sending their blog posts directly from WordPress to their social media platforms, among other examples.

Greg Gillman, MuteSix

Manage payment systems

It is a fairly simple solution that a majority of companies have implemented on each site. It’s the ultimate AI that works for your business to deliver payments and monetary value. This saves your billing team a lot of time and energy on internal invoices and when customer issues arise. He’s a game changer.

Olivia Young, Conscious objects

Generate content ideas

With the many opportunities that AI presents in the digital age, it can be implemented in almost any business and in almost any department. However, where humans and AI can truly come together is in the pursuit of information.

If you are a business that provides information to your target audience, AI can be instrumental in selecting your topics as well as finding other relevant sources of inspiration. AI can provide a quick alternative to many tasks, giving you more time for creativity and innovation.

Ryan Rottman, OSDB Sports

Check for grammar errors

Almost all writers or content creators have downloaded the Grammarly widget to their computer. It’s the perfect example of AI and humans working together to complete projects on time. Basic AutoCorrect saves copywriters a lot of time and errors when writing quickly to meet deadlines.

Katie Kiernan, NUE.Life

Organize optimal user experiences

AI creates a more personalized user experience. While you can use analytics to define the right kind of content to engage your target audience as a whole, it doesn’t give the full picture of what individual users want to read every time they visit your site. Sophisticated AI models read all the text and metadata associated with your content to identify its subject, length and format in order to categorize it accordingly.

The more content your visitor consumes on your site, the more metadata there is available to extract. Then, based on the historical data of your returning visitors, an AI content personalization system can predict and deploy the type of content that is most likely to engage that user on your site – and sometimes within minutes. AI content personalization helps deliver optimal experiences to your customers in real time.

Jared Pobre, Caldera + Laboratory

Assist physicians in the entire medical field

AI technology has been used in the healthcare system for decades, saving costs and lives. From assisting surgeons during surgery to performing laboratory tasks, AI is present in all sectors of the industry. Doctors are using technology for the early detection of diseases so that they can be treated before they are life threatening. As AI in healthcare continues to advance, those who don’t embrace technology will be left behind.

Payel Gupta, Erased

Estimate project costs

AI is used in many business operations today. One of the most successful examples is using AI in cost estimation. In the manufacturing industry, especially in injection molding, submitting a project can take several hours. While it can be difficult to get an accurate cost estimate from AI alone, it helps give potential customers a quick response. If the estimate is roughly within budget, then a human will finalize the details. The almost immediate cost estimate for the potential customer gives the business a huge competitive advantage.

Maximilien zur Muehlen, CustomPlasticPart

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